Probing life’s eternal mysteries

Why are each of us here? Is this our first and last time around? If not, what aspects of our true “selves” will follow present mortal experiences? Such fundamental questions have fascinated philosophers, theologians and scientists over thousands of years. Cosmic Musings author, Professor Larry Bell explores a literal universe of possibilities revealed through his provocatively thoughtful and highly readable lifelong tour of diverse teachings and theories dating from Aristotle to leading contemporary thought leaders.

“Professor Larry Bell’s Cosmic Musings opens our minds to contemplate some of life’s most fundamental and personal questions: Has each of us existed before, and will we be reincarnated? If so, what characterizes our unique sense of selfhood?

Possible revelations into such mysteries draw upon diverse, often divergent sources. Included are ancient and contemporary philosophers, influential world religions and cultures, and prominent scientists including classical physicists and quantum mechanics theorists.
Although the book’s modest musings title promises little, its content delivers much by way of sweeping insight. It urges readers to envision personal existence as a most fortunate and empowering manifestation of a vast cosmic time/space continuum. It reminds us that we are each an integral part of something unimaginably marvelous, immense, and yes, eternal.”

John Bradshaw, Motivational counsellor/speaker, PBS television host, and multiple-time New York Times best-selling author.

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