Whether you are faced with an open wound, an airway obstruction, a head injury, a fracture or a snakebite, this book will teach you how to help yourself or save somebody's life. Here you will find thoroughly explained and easy to follow first aid measures for all types of casualties. Be prepared to act in a split second when emergency occurs:
Fundamental Criteria for First Aid:
Understanding Vital Body Functions for First Aid
Basics of First Aid
Evaluating Causality...
Basic Measures for First Aid:
Open the Airway and Restore Breathing
Breathing Process
Assessment of and Positioning the Casualty
Rescue Breathing (Artificial Respiration)
Mouth-to-Mouth Method
Mouth-to-Nose Method
Stop the Bleeding and Protect the Wound
Entrance and Exit Wounds
Manual Pressure
Digital Pressure
Check for Shock
Causes and Effects
Signs and Symptoms...
Specific Injuries:
Head, Neck and Facial Injuries
Chest Wounds
Abdominal Wounds
Burn Injuries
Dressings and Bandages...
Signs and Symptoms
Splints, Padding, Bandages, Slings, and Swathes
Upper Extremity
Lower Extremity
Jaw, Collarbone and Shoulder
Spinal Column
Climatic Injuries:
Heat Injuries
Cold Injuries
Bites and Stings:
Human or Animal Bites
Marine Animals
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Environment:
Classification of Chemical and Biological Agents
Conditions for Masking
Signs and Symptoms
Background Information on Nerve Agents
Blister Agents
Choking Agents (Lung-Damaging Agents)
Cyanogen (Blood) Agents
Incapacitating Agents
Nuclear Detonation...
Psychological Reactions:
Situations Requiring Psychological First Aid
Respect for Others' Feelings
Emotional and Physical Disability
Combat and Other Operational Stress Reactions
Severe Stress or Stress Reaction
Reactions and Limitations...

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