“Professor Larry Bell’s Thinking Whole is a profound book on living life to the fullest, following passions, and seeking out curiosities with drive and vigor. Thinking Whole is about not allowing yourself to be pigeonholed by the constrictions and pressures of conformity in society today.

The underlying message explores the power of using intuition and letting your mind flow with free thinking, boldness, and awareness. Through this mindset, we can move forward into action and execution, thus, bringing our ideas to fruition.

The book utilizes quotes from many great thinkers of the past, who also recognized and pondered the power of Thinking Whole. Larry not only draws from these historically great thinkers, but also cites many examples of Thinking Whole though his inspirational friends.
As Larry states in his final afterthoughts, “dive in and enjoy the thrill!”

Professor Larry Bell Thinks Whole.”

– Ken Christie, Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of ‘Create Your World’ a Creators and Collectors TV production

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