In Sharing Success — Owning Failure, Colonel Goldfein discusses several themes central to a successful command tour. He expresses ideas and puts forth questions to spark your imagination as you begin preparing for the task ahead of you—squadron commander. He shares stories from other squadron commanders that include both success and failure. Because, as Colonel Goldfein states, “it is from studying our failures that we learn, grow, and improve as officers and leaders.” In the Foreword, Maj Gen Charles D. Link, USAF, Retired, says “this book is a must-read, not only for those selected to command a squadron but for all our young officers.”

Command is the ultimate service. It is a time when we have the singular responsibility to create and lead strong Air Force units. A time when our passion for our Air Force and our vision for its future must be overwhelmingly clear.

Early in the "Developing Aerospace Leaders" initiative, we began to focus on the way in which the institution teaches leadership and prepares airmen for command. What we found was a wide range of practices and a wide range of expectations—a complicating factor in today's Expeditionary Aerospace Force.

We realize that preparing our officers to command effective, mission-oriented units must be a deliberate process. It must develop our unique airman perspective, creating commanders who are able to communicate the vision, have credibility in the mission area, and can lead our people with inspiration and heart.

The foundation of our institution's effectiveness has always been its leaders. Colonel Goldfein's work provides valuable lessons learned and serves as a worthwhile tool to optimize your effectiveness as a squadron commander.

This book is a must-read, not only for those selected to command a squadron but for all our young officers, helping them understand what the requirements of squadron command will be. Remember, command is a unique privilege—a demanding and crucial position in our Air Force.

Contents * Foreword * PREFACE * ABSTRACT * 1 EXPECTATIONS OF COMMAND * What Does the Boss Expect? * What Do the Troops Expect? * What Do You Expect? * Notes * 2 VISION AND ENVIRONMENT * Developing and Communicating Your Vision * Building the Environment * Notes * 3 WALKING THE WALK * Notes * 4 HANDLING JUSTICE * 5 GREAT IDEAS * Take Responsibility for Fun * Sponsor Program * Celebrate Heroes—Not Machines * Mentoring Program * Notes * CONCLUSION * BIBLIOGRAPHY

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