A Parent’s Guide to Paying for College will unlock the secrets to receiving the maximum financial aid awards that you never need to pay back. These tactics can save the average family up to $100,000 for a four year education.

As an outsider, the financial aid process may seem complex and cloudy, but fear not; this book will be your guide. It will give you a clear understanding of the entire financial aid process, all of the possible forms you will need to fill out, and inside knowledge on how financial aid algorithms work. Best of all, it’s written in layman's terms you’ll have no trouble understanding and applying to your own situation.

The Author, Richard Preston, is a College Financial Aid Expert, and a father who has gone through this process with his own children. Contained in this book is everything he knows about the financial aid process, and insights from consulting directly with hundreds of families. He has translated the complexities of paying for college into this easy to understand guide.

Included in this book are:
- Step by step guides
- When and how to start planning for the best financial aid outcome
- Instructions on how to organize your financials
- Information on how financial aid is calculated and awarded
- Descriptions and instructions for the possible forms you’ll encounter
- Information about Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
- A calendar that tells you month-by-month what to do

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